Looking for an alliance.

Looking for an alliance that does map 5 all days with 3 bgs. And preferably war with 3 bgs too.


  • XKingzXXKingzX Posts: 13
    I’m going to be honest: we are currently rebuilding our alliance right now. We have 17 members and we are planning to do 3 BG AQ map 5. Not sure about AW yet but we are trying to do at least 2 BGs. PM if interested. Discord is required.

    Alliance tag: MCUFN
    Alliance Name: MUC Fanatics
    IGN: The Number Juan
    Discord ID: TheJuan#9030
  • DavytrainDavytrain Posts: 18
    At the moment, we are AQ focused with 2 BGs running map 5 and 1 doing map 3. During season we do war (3 BGs) in between AQ cycles. We’re a laid back group that understands real life comes first. But the players are active with a good mix of strong to growing. My in game and line ID is Davytrain.
  • We are an alliance who goes by the name of X-Force
    We run 3bg map 5x5 with heroic mods. We also run 2bg war(during the season) and you can participate if you want(we usually do a sort of rotation system). Last season we placed gold 3
    Must have discord for communication
    Contact qwerty823 or Roberto.87 in-game if interested 👍
  • Then join us. We run map 5x5 3bgs and same for AQ. Lets chat in game
    Smackdown4real (in game name)
    Guardians_of_the_multiverse* (ally)
  • AQ Map 5 in all BGs mix of master and heroic mods. Usually round 200mill+ points. 2BG Wars (optional), well organized for diversity (we work whatever you have to offer).
    No serious requirements other than AQ and no leeching is tolerated.
    If interested, hit me up on Line or ingame: MonkeeSlayer
  • DL864DL864 Posts: 880 ★★★
    Hit me up map 5×5 with epic mods all 3 bgs plus war 3 bgs line Id dl864 ally tag bøm3
  • UmiUmi Posts: 4
    i found an alliance guys. thanks!
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