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Summer showdown...

How about you take the summer showdown down. Then replace it with killer whales, Watch whales beat it for free!


  • MikeV102177MikeV102177 Posts: 6
    I’m totally upset with this summoner show down I hate the fact that it is 4 stars only. I’ve worked really hard to build my 5and 6 star roster and I want to be able to use them for all events. I sold and stopped ranking up 4 stars 3 years ago because the game had moved away from 4 stars completely like banning them from act 6. This show down is not fun It’s not enjoyable it’s a total waist of time. You have to defeat 3 over powered champs with extremely outrageous nodes and health pools with limited counters to use and eliminating 98 percent of your roster to get 15,000 5 star shards and some gold. This was poorly designed and not user friendly.
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