Summoners, the Necrosword Crystals (the crystals in the Knull Cavalier Preview Bundle) currently have a higher than intended drop rate of 6-Star Champions.

We will be leaving the crystals as is for the time being, but will be correcting the drop rates before Knull receives his official release on October 28th. To ensure that this does not affect anybody that purchased this preview bundle, we will be auto-opening these crystals before that date, but this means you will not see what you received. To avoid any confusion, please open your crystals yourself ASAP.

Terrax Buff

Let’s talk about one of the heralds of Galactus, Terrax. He is in desperate need of a buff. He has tons of potential just with his base skill set and truly only needs a couple additional skills and a number boost. Let’s start with his signature ability. I would add +25% base attack per cosmic charge at signature ability 200. One of Terrax’s flaws is his extremely low base attack, which results in very low damage numbers. Secondly, I would add an armor shatter mechanic to his heavy attack. Once Terrax stacks 10 armor breaks (his cap from rock field) use a heavy attack to apply an indefinite armor shatter debuff resulting in -1200 armor rating (Max stack: 2)
Reduces robot ability accuracy by a flat 100% and decreases their power rate by 100%.
All armor shatter debuffs are removed by knocking down Terrax.
This alone will increase his damage to a usable standard which is his biggest problem in my opinion. It is also adds quite a bit utility against robots which we have very little counters in game as it is.
Let’s talk about his rock field now. The damage is too low. It does scale with his base attack, but I would increase the cap to at least 1250. This allows him to have more damage, but still not make him overpowered.
He already had solid immunities being immune to shock and bleed. As well as any power control by #metal champions.
I hope this buff gets considered by Kabam, as I believe it would make Terrax a viable option in endgame pieces of content, as well as a much more enjoyable champion to play. After all, he is a herald of Galactus and they should ALL be strong champions.


  • ClashyKnightClashyKnight Posts: 58
    I agree with this. He's an amazing character with great potential, it just needs to be brought out a bit. It's understandable if you don't want to adjust any numbers because he's such a great defender, so only adjust them for specifically when he's in attack mode so he has more usage.
  • VendemiaireVendemiaire Posts: 1,633 ★★★★
    Agree. Very fun to play but not very rewarding as he hit like a marshmallow.
  • ThatGuyYouSaw235ThatGuyYouSaw235 Posts: 2,427 ★★★★★
    Looks nice, but I say we should do something with the Indestructible Charges as well.

    -Terrax gains +200 Critical Damage Rating per Indestructible charge active

    -If Terrax has 4 or more Indestructible buffs active, Terrax gains an Unstoppable buff for 1.5 seconds when charging a Heavy Attack. Terrax cannot lose indestructible charges while Unstoppable.

    The Armour Shatter idea is great and now with that being the main focus for his damage now, we should change the Special 3 slightly.

    -Terrax inflicts one of his personal Armour Shatter debuffs on the opponent after launching his Special 3 lasting 15 seconds.

    One last thing.

    -Armour Shatter debuffs count as Armour Break debuffs for Terrax's abilities
  • Scopeotoe987Scopeotoe987 Posts: 1,450 ★★★★
    They nerfed him pre release so if they brought him back to what he was then I would say he’s solid.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 5,575 ★★★★★
    edited October 2020
    These suggestions sound reasonable. I’ve had the 6* for a month and haven’t been able to bring myself to invest the iso needed to level him to 1/25. I keep thinking he’s my answer to Var1 Ch3 with his shock immunity but his output is woeful.

    The only other thing I might suggest is something like the Colossus armor ups when he gets a debuff he’s immune to—bleed or shock. It would be nice to see him build charges based on that immunity.

    With that said, he’s new. There are a ton of long suffering champs and if he doesn’t make the short list for buffs, I’m fine with that.

    Dr. Zola
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