7.5k mini account looking for a relaxed home. AW and AQ ok


  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    hey man! I’m wondering if you wanna check out my alliance. We do map 444 100% everytime. AW is optional with 2 BGs in season.

    LINE: jonarctargaryen
  • SpiderCWLSpiderCWL Posts: 141
    We are an alliance in the rebuilding process. Veteran and intermediate players are welcomed. Currently doing Maps 5 & 3 in AQ, and may do 5/4/3 in the future to accommodate players of different levels. Also do 1 group (optional) in AW. No chat app required. Only use the in-game chat. Search for "team martin" if interested.
  • SoCal07SoCal07 Posts: 19

    Controlled Collective II (our 2nd of 3 branches) is AQ focused and runs 3 BGs of AQ Maps 3, 4, and 5 x 5 days. We 100% explore all maps with modifiers.

    We are a group of mature adults and family oriented. Only AQ and Line app for communication are mandatory.

    Wars are optional, players choice if they want to participate in wars.

    Contact on Line app is preferred:
    1. Phaelon Grey
    2. Reitchel
    3. JudoJohn
    4. Mathina
  • Jeschatts88Jeschatts88 Posts: 101
    Jeschatts on line hmu. Family atmosphere 554 AQ relaxed war
    We run AQ weekly 2 maps 4/4. AW OPTIONAL. Hope to run 5/4/4 once we more experienced players. [Possible Officer spot open]

    Hit me on LINE If interested: thanosthafarmer
  • Hi there! We run 5/4/4 all with mods. Optional AW. We use line. Add me there at bettywhiteyo for more info.
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