How to use Ghost Rider

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Anyone got any tips as to how I should use him and is he useless if unawakened? Thanks
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    He’s very simple. I’m assuming you are familiar on how to trigger each judgment, so basically you want to cycle through them and then reset with the L3. Each one you trigger increases the duration of future judgements, so if you need to heal up, trigger a bunch of judgements before you throw the heavy to get a whole lot of duration on the regen passive.

    There is no set in stone way to play him, just consider the order that you are triggering stuff.
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    artfvl said:

    Anyone got any tips as to how I should use him and is he useless if unawakened? Thanks

    Unawakened and without Blade synergy he is bad at best. I would dare to say meme tier but his bleed immunity saves him from being there.
    Awakening ability, Blade and ideally match ups that you can use stun (so you don’t have to risk a heavy intercept to apply the regen judgement) are things that can make him shine.
    But to be honest, nowadays he has no uses outside of AQ (because of his potential huge regen), and of course arena.
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    He's still a very good champ with a lot of utility, but it is definitely limited.

    He doesn't need to be awakened, but it does help by giving an extra judgement to extend timers and the damage output from Fury can be very nice.

    How you manage the judgements differs from fight to fight - if they're bleed immune then unload you MLLLL judgement first since it won't do anything and can then extend the other timers. Basically you have 4-5 one-shot abilities unless you can refresh them with his L3, so pick the one you want most in a particular fight and use that last.

    He is particularly good for Alliance Quest with his Regen from Heavy and Bleed Immunity.
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    Where GR shines is against buffed champions combined with MD. Sp1 and Sp3 nullifies even the buffed Colossus armour buffs. When I apply sp1 to some buffed champions sometimes my GR after that have all 3 full bars ready right away to apply sp3!
    To apply judgements better you use Blade with him, so he don't apply them randomly. They are very easy to apply, so you can regen even more and with more time.
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