Anyone else super frustrated with the crystal openings lately

My crystal luck has sucked since 4th of july deals which were all bad openings too. Kinda stuff that makes you want to quit


  • Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 607 ★★
    Not really. They'll come around eventually.
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,802 ★★★★★
    I've had a few bad ones, but a few pretty good ones too
  • ShokaDelicShokaDelic Posts: 176
    Indeed man I agree. I havent gotten no good champions from crystal openings basically ever since I started playing. My account looks sorta presentable only because the good champs I have came with a price $$$
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 15,095 ★★★★★
    did you mean to comment on the discussion instead of make a post
  • ShokaDelicShokaDelic Posts: 176
    Super frustrated should be my character in the crystal opening smfh!! My good champs come from me spending money $$$
  • Agent_X_zzzAgent_X_zzz Posts: 3,616 ★★★★★
    My pulls from dual class crystals
    Cap IW
    Im happy prior to this I had horrible luck for a while you are bound to get something soon.
  • ShokaDelicShokaDelic Posts: 176
    My few picks lately
    5⭐: Hulk Buster, Iron Fist, Terrax, Proxima Midnight & Agent Venom 🤦😒😡 ohh!! And Korg.. Not to mention I did the legendary bundle today and didn't know I could select a class smmfh! Does anybody feel my pain??
  • DaddriedaDaddrieda Posts: 907 ★★★
    What’s wrong with players that get bad pulls and then want to quit? Why is it so hard to understand that it’s RNG and it’s all down to luck no matter what! You could get 100 of full 5* crystals and you won’t get any godly champions because it’s all down to RNG anyway.. stop comparing your collections with other’s collections! Got bad pulls?? That’s ok! It’s like comparing in real life saying “hey mate, life ain’t that easy. Gotta fight hard to achieve the greatness by sailing through a storm of bad things”

    Don’t worry about it, it eventually turn around.
  • ShokaDelicShokaDelic Posts: 176
    Your taking it the wrong way I think. Topic of discussion was whos getting bad pulls on crystals. Im getting bad pulls simple. And im upset about it. That's natural isn't it? Who wouldnt be mad. I want better pulls
  • GluteusMaximusGluteusMaximus Posts: 1,410 ★★★

    Your taking it the wrong way I think. Topic of discussion was whos getting bad pulls on crystals. Im getting bad pulls simple. And im upset about it. That's natural isn't it? Who wouldnt be mad. I want better pulls

    hulkbuster and proxima are bad pulls?

    here's my bad pulls:

    todays dual:


    2 days ago dual:

  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 27,002 ★★★★★
    I pulled both Cap IW and Sorcerer Supreme and Duped them both so, not seeing it on my end.
  • swmcswswmcsw Posts: 176
    I'm hunting caiw, just can not get him at all. Pulls have been so so but dang it sucks opening so many feature and duel for different champs. I was alright with it tell about 25 crystals now I'm getting bummed. At like 21 feature and 14 duel.
  • JoedartJoedart Posts: 41
    Expect horrible pulls, you might be surprised when you get a champ you were hoping for.

    The RNG in this game reminds me of Full Tilt poker. I strongly suspected it was rigged but kept playing... I even had the chance to play live a few times with the fine folks running the game. I was assured their algorithms were fair and completely legit.
    my pulls havent been that bad, but they have been kinda weird lately. i pulled a symbiote spidey as 5 star on 4th of july, then the next day i pulled a second symbiote spidey. then when the dual crystals came out, i ended up pulling two luke cages somehow. then just yesterday i opened a six star and got a second 6 star killmonger in a row. i cant even think of a time when i pulled back to back 4 stars or 3 stars, but maybe thats just cos i pay attention to them way less.
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 5,552 ★★★★★
    I am super depressed with my pulls and I feel like quitting and never looking at mcoc again...
    I just pulled 5 star Ghost for the first time
  • AstoundsAstounds Posts: 275 ★★
    I've had a dry spell of around 25 5 star trash pulls in a row and my last 5 6 stars were trash. Two being big fat dupes of King Groot and cyclops. Been a long two months.
  • MaxGamingMaxGaming Posts: 2,577 ★★★★
    so far my 5* luck had a bomb dropped on it here are all my 5* in order
    Ultron, Magneto, Hype, Falcon, Doom, Civil Warrior, Wasp, Corvus, Warlock, Blackpanther, Bishop, Green Goblin, Darkhawk, OG Spiderman, Ronin, OG Captin Marvel, Yellowjacket. So my luck is kind of going away
  • ShafeeqShafeeq Posts: 569 ★★★
    I pulled sunspot out of basic crystal and awakened him in 5 star M-S class crystal
  • Woody15Woody15 Posts: 536 ★★★
    I've opened 2 dual class crystals. Psylocke on one, Torch on the other. Decided on a basic today instead of mutant/skill, got Doom

  • Xer0Xer0 Posts: 23
    Big time frustrated! Tonight my 2 gems were MODOK(1st dup) & Beast(new)! Actually feel lucky with the MODOK pull cause there was so much trash once the crystal slowed! These were both from dual crystals that I had been saving the last couple of days and no more! Only once have I pulled anything good from them, back to the basic 5* crystal.
  • BigPoppaCBONEBigPoppaCBONE Posts: 1,427 ★★★★
    It fuels speculation that the RNG is biased toward garbage when things happen like opening 4 Premium Disappointment Crystals and getting 3 2-star Ronans. This just happened.
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