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Halls of Fortune

BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 2,363 ★★★★
Curious, you removed Energy cost to Halls of Glory, any chance that could be done to Halls of Fortune as well?


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    The_enlightenedThe_enlightened Posts: 545 ★★★
    Can’t you just use an energy refill? Or wait for your energy to come back? You get a good chunk of gold for nothing be greatful
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    Thebg_JThebg_J Posts: 48

    I love when things get asked for and on those off chances that it does get changed, those that jumped on the ones asking for change happily accept the change...wow, did that make sense?


    I was completely taken aback when my energy was being used up today in the gold quest. The other 2 are energy free, just assumed this one would be as well.
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    AddyosAddyos Posts: 1,090 ★★★★
    edited August 2020
    Give people an inch, they take a mile...
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