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Rockets Junkyard 2.0 - Featured Hero Shard Crystal

I am bored. This game I have loved so dearly is slipping away from me. The challenges, the excitement, the mystery...it is gone. I believe a lot of us are in this same state of boredom due to the daily grind...grind arenas for milestones, (collect trinkets), play monthly (no new challenges), play war (yea - new faces- who cares) play AQ (same paths, nodes, champs...blah blah). Beyond this there is nothing...the only semi exciting things are special quests, opening Grandmaster crystals, and shopping in the store when you get all your glory rewards. The shopping excitement is short-lived as it is definitely NOT a dollar store.

Like most people the 3 things I like the most about this game is:
1. New champions - problem is you have to grind for 3 days non-stop or spend ~$100+
2. Upgrading champions - problem is takes to long to get resources, that is why we get "Rank Down Ticket" posts 2+ per day!
3. Accomplishments - problem is all major content (LOL, 5.2, 5.3) comes at far to great of a cost. Money is the only way to insure completion. *ok this is not 100% accurate, but since collecting 8,000+ units, revives, pots, etc takes forever....it just adds to the boredom.

Ok, that was a fraction of the complaining I have built up, but as I know text walls seldom get read, I will continue to my proposal. We need something more. We need ways to work towards our individual goals. Most people need the same things T2A, T1A, T4C, and featured heroes. I know Glory kind of helps, but the ways to acquire Glory, is still boring. Why not make Rockets Junkyard permanent? Have each lane work towards a goal. The most notable change is a Featured Champ fragments/crystals. Since the odds are sooo low why not add the crystals or fragments in a quest like this so players who desperately want/need a new 3*, 4*, or 5* variety can work towards one? Or if you would rather chase T4C or T2A, you can do that too. The keys to unlock the gates could be found in arena milestones, monthly quests (master pays more keys than beginner), calendar (more for uncollected), etc.

So what I am suggesting is a better way to work towards what we need as individuals, but not asking for hand-outs. I will play and pay to move towards more guaranteed items. I used to drop $100s on featured crystals to grab the new champs, but I am done. The chances are way too low and the cost, way too high. If we had a dedicated featured hero shard crystal and a sub featured hero crystal (think Marvelous Crystal - only new champs, no old champs) that is attached to a new challenge it would provide new content, give more players the opportunity to try for new champs or go after the other resources they need.

TL;DR - New junkyard quest with featured hero shard crystal and other resources = new content and individualized goals.


  • adqqedfyvradqqedfyvr Posts: 463
  • SteelCurtainMUTSteelCurtainMUT Posts: 432 ★★
    If we all push to new rewards/challenges maybe they’ll listen & give us what we want. I’d hate to see this game die when I’ve invested so much time & money into it
  • Antgeo1Antgeo1 Posts: 120
    Great idea and write up! I too have spent way too much on featured crystals. Since the 6* announcement, I have scaled back to almost zero purchases. If there was a challenge where there was a featured crystal with just the new champs in it, I would certainly play/pay towards one, especially if it is a 5*.
  • HawkeHawke Posts: 46
    The saddest thing is you've proposed some great ideas and completely wasted your breath while doing so.
  • Good afternoon, Kabam. I am using this topic as a last resort.
     Within 10 days, I had my account hacked. I got in touch with Kabam, and nothing was done. Yesterday I received the message that my account has been banned forever. I came in with another resource, trying to get Kabam to withdraw my user from the alliance, and put the user "aya23" as the alliance leader, as I am the leader of the alliance, so I can not be kicked out by the officers. Kabam took little notice of my situation. did not try to find out what had happened and did not show empathy to replace the leadership. I use iPhone to play, so there is no possibility of using third-party software. This is easy to see. It was just Kabam looking through the Logs and seeing that I always played using the iPhone. I spent a lot of time and money in this game and I very much hope they will consider my situation. I've also got in touch with Apple's advanced support to take action on the case. My nick in the game: Alebarcar
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 528 ★★★
    Hawke wrote: »
    The saddest thing is you've proposed some great ideas and completely wasted your breath while doing so.

    That is what I was afraid of. It seems to me like a little spark, something new, better user control, etc would help make this game great again. Not fix it, but improve it.
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