Who will help more in exploring Act 6?

ReeseSmith14ReeseSmith14 Posts: 77
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Can’t decide between these two, on who to take to Rank 5

Who will help more in exploring Act 6? 12 votes

Thing (5R4-60)
shield456HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSTARKtechThanton 4 votes
Red Guardian (5R4-40)
ThunderGodbluebubble100MaxGamingEtjamaDoctor_Strange19Joshua_EiversGr8TonyStarkYeetusTheFoetus 8 votes


  • I feel like Red Guardian and the no buffs thing will help more, but I can’t ignore thing either. My biggest thing with “Thing” is that to get the crazy damage you need your whole team to be synergies for him...anyone have any input on thing w/o champion/Heimdall/Angela/heal?
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