CANT LOGIN !! anyone else have this issue..

Log in problem.. rip voodoo


  • WOKWOK Posts: 468 ★★
    Yes, been getting "unknown error occurred" message to try again later. Uninstalled/reinstalled app twice. Still no go. After reinstall, just goes back and forth from same message and "new game" "continue" selections screen.
  • JayMMJayMM Posts: 69
    Alright brenden fancy seeing you here ;)
  • MrBrendenMrBrenden Posts: 6
    Im just adding to the commotion.. getting noticed. . Joining the uprising.
  • vladop83vladop83 Posts: 18
    Kabam want to give any explanation?
  • MrBrendenMrBrenden Posts: 6
    vladop83 wrote: »
    Kabam want to give any explanation?

    Kabam ? Explenation ? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.. your obviously new here ;)
  • LilB09LilB09 Posts: 1
    Lmao. Wont let me login either.
  • Not working error login ... this is starting to get annoying
  • im an android user ..cant login since 2 hrs
  • Haven't been able to log in either for over 4hrs. Thought it was my phone but obviously it's the game. On android but iOS teammates have no issue. Not happy. You're supposed to have fixed the big issues not create new ones!
  • Same here been like that all morning, using Android. Three different accounts all not living in
  • this will affect alliance war in a big way....
  • This is total bs.. it's not like the iphone users don't already have a huge advantage. The loading time on android is horrible.
  • MrBrendenMrBrenden Posts: 6
    This is total bs.. it's not like the iphone users don't already have a huge advantage. The loading time on android is horrible.

    My loading times average at about 6 seconds .. when the game works of course,
  • Kabam employees if you are reading this, please reward us something good because time is wasted waiting. Loosing my arenas points, streaks, and perfect series along with war attack time.
  • Well..along with numerous others..I didnt want Dr. Voodoo anyway. (Sarcasm)
  • Hellhound214Hellhound214 Posts: 15
    Same here sucks
  • MrBrendenMrBrenden Posts: 6
    Amazing how nothing like this happens during ant man arena or joe fixit :D:D
  • Jank39Jank39 Posts: 119
    Played on my iphone for two hours. Phone died moved onto my samsung now cant log on. Seriously kabam. Trying to go for Voodoo!!
  • Give them their deserved 1 star review.. Supposed to be zero stars.. Since you can't even log in.
  • LawrellLawrell Posts: 3
    Also having no luck login into the game, im on an android phone.. welp rip voodoo
  • Still no comments from kabam same **** as mwoh with mobage
  • "Unknown error please try again later" after the whole ordeal of the update, uninstall, reinstall, uninstall, reinstall, rinse repeat? Again really? You have wasted my time resources and real cash money one too many times and rocket junk won't cut it as a consolation on this.
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