LF an *AW* focused alli (P4, G1, or G2)

"Wars are won in the officers tent"
Are you an alli leader or officer that wants to take your AW game to a more competitive level, but without everyone spending loads of units every war?
I'm a former Gold 1 alli officer/leader with expertise in AW strategy. Many alliances have active, skilled players with strong rosters, but fail in organization and strategy, and thus struggle to win on a consistant basis ... and then later lose their best players to an alli that actually prepares, and plays to win in AW.
I know how to beat tougher alliances ... and there's not much more fun in MCOC than doing that! :smiley:
Time zones are not an issue. Prefer an alli that plays no more than Map5 in AQ - at least in one BG.

If interested, leave your IGN or send me a PM on this site.


  • Line Id: 21overcontrol, Plat 4 alliance, 255+ Aq score.
  • Dewy4Dewy4 Posts: 143
    Line ID is dewylove.
    Map5 and currently Gold2
  • Map 66655, gold 1 Alliance looking for an officer for BG3 as well. Line ID Rosser41

  • metalman695metalman695 Posts: 83
    Hey there. Map 6/map 5 blend, 300m in AQ each week. Gold 1 in AW, pushing plat this season. Hit me up on Line - metalman695
  • IGN ckch8
    Running map 5s (250m) 3BG
    AW G2 aiming G1
    We manage the alliance through discord too!
  • I totally agree with you.
    Want you to be the tactician of my ally?
    I've been waiting for you for a long time
    ign : dersew
    line : dersewcrlf
  • How about sharing your knowledge with 200+ skilled friendly people in our family of alliances?

    My ign is Ben is Jamin. And the ally tags all start with iBrg. Our top ally was P4 until the side quest chaos and landed G2 and we got space for 1 right now.
  • Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 151
    G1 5x5 AQ 250 mil+/wk 750+ SA. One spot left IGN &LINE captdeadp00l
  • Hey gold 1 tier 4 mix of maps 5 and 6 290 mil weekly score l. Line id is hypnotickatie
  • 3xad3m3xad3m Posts: 40
    hi, we play Plat2 tier2 and Map5. From what I read, you really fit with the mentality of our alliance and we will need an officer soon. If your roster has at least 9-10 r5/r2 champs and you think you are up to the challenge let me know.

    ID: 3xad3m (Line, Ign)
  • OnkyOnky Posts: 244

    Currently gold 2 Rank 50 tier 6-8. map 55444 180mil we are veterans that play smart need 3 asap onky707 line app.
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