Shouldn’t Ghost Rider be incinerate immune since he’s literally a flaming skull?
Hulk needs a buff it’s been a long time.
Superior iron man needs a buff, maybe periodically regeneration?
Maybe war machine should get buffed too, causing incinerate, or maybe like winter soldier in a way, using different ammo stocks (incinerate, shock, stun?, slow?,


  • psiw_o_lliwpsiw_o_lliw Posts: 44
    Read the patch notes for October
  • JohnV2016JohnV2016 Posts: 2
    Ya I just saw that now
  • Ol01Ol01 Posts: 3
    Can you pl take back my rewards and don't ban me pl. I didn't receive any ban till date. New side quest event pl take away my rewards for playing again. Pl don't ban me please
  • СлоникСлоник Posts: 29
    лучше бы банили дрочеров с ПК арен!!!которы на авто со скриптами набивают рейтинги!!!!
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