Favorite Profile pic from event objectives

DigletGamingDigletGaming Posts: 708 ★★★
With the event multiple objectives came out. Each holding a profile pic of the champion representing that sin.

Favorite Profile pic from event objectives 49 votes

Kingpin (Greed)
The Champion (Pride)
RDMN 1 vote
Emma frost (Lust)
RoOOtsLegendboy2411dynastyhowlEtm34Valkyrie1994Agent_X_zzzyouaintright 7 votes
Red hulk (Wrath)
SlashingSunsetHammerbro_64BowTieJohnFenicoFiiNCHDarkKnight646 6 votes
Venom (Gluttony)
SnizzbarRisenfromhellAkkarin23СлоникArsozte_dua_shumIronGladiator22JohnyBoypete8388DigletGamingTrashPanda12aroseinbloom39 12 votes
Mojo (Sloth)
ninexhelixSneakyWarriorMonkehefy2000 4 votes
Doctor Doom (Envy)
yossNemesis666RookiieNo_oneukYa_Boi_28Bossmode12A_NAZMasterpuffShadowedSeraSpideyFunkoAmadordegamer99SuperiorSymbioteBdot13Zan0JragonMaster170shield456anaLysis_WOLF_LINKHavocGamer49 19 votes


  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 13,804 ★★★★★
    Doctor Doom (Envy)
    I like how appropriate they are to each sin.
  • JragonMaster170JragonMaster170 Posts: 1,223 ★★★★
    edited October 2020
    Doctor Doom (Envy)
    Doctor Doom, with Venom and Red Hulk coming in 2d and 3rd
  • DigletGamingDigletGaming Posts: 708 ★★★
    Venom (Gluttony)
    Venoms My man
  • FiiNCHFiiNCH Posts: 722 ★★★★
    Red hulk (Wrath)
    The red hulk one looks cool
  • СлоникСлоник Posts: 29
    Venom (Gluttony)
    веном наверное во всех категориях нумеро уно!))
  • HavocGamer49HavocGamer49 Posts: 408 ★★
    Doctor Doom (Envy)
    Doom, venom, red hulk. Those 3 look awesome but I personally want doom so badly that Im hoping that using his pfp grants me better luck.
  • SlashingSunsetSlashingSunset Posts: 244 ★★
    Red hulk (Wrath)
    I actually think Gluttony best fit Mojo but eh!
  • SneakyWarriorSneakyWarrior Posts: 853 ★★★★
    edited October 2020
    Mojo (Sloth)
    mojos pretty hot ngl. no homo tho. imo mojo should be lust not sloth as we all aim to have someone like him in our lives.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 6,423 ★★★★★
    Red hulk (Wrath)
    The best frame by far if nothing else. I know it’s not an objective one, but I really dig the iso belt.
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