Suggestions for the 5* arena

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Points covered in the video are:- 1)We should be allowed to use 4* and 5* in the 5* basic arena to get more 5s Just like we can use 3s and 4s to get more 4s in the 4* basic arena. 2) the milestones should be somewhat similar to the milestones in the featured 4* arena 3) the major change in the milestone rewards should be replacing the premium hero shards with the grand master crystal shards. 4) the 3-4 star arena boost should be replaced by 4-5 star arena boosts

See the video for other points and let me know if you disagree with me (mention the reason as well) and we can have a constructive discussion about that.


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    Whe in this coming?
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    Nemesio wrote: »
    Whe in this coming?

    Nothing in this video is official, these are all my personal suggestions

  • Maybe when 6* come out.
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    5* are still technically new although theyre over a year old. 5* champions can still be toppled by a good player with a 4*. (I have personally beaten a 5* R4 Lvl 55 with my 4* R4 lvl 40 Gwenpool before)
    6* champions are just the next step forward for those players with a thick wallet and no life who own all 5* champions.
    The 5* Arena could be seen in the next year sometime, but i dont think it would be anything like how the 3*, 4*b or 4*f work.
    I can see Kabam completely reworking arenas to allow more even spread players through the arenas as 5* champions come slower than PHC champions do.
    I could see the 3* and 4*f arenas running normally and then see the 4*b and 5* arena functioning the same with the same champion.
    So 3* and 4*f are the same champion just different tier and rewards are a little better in 4* arena.
    The 4*b arena could run with the 5* arena with the same champs and 5* arena would have a higher cutoff (most likely) and higher points/milestone rewards.
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