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Mephisto - best 5 man synergy team

1) Mephisto
2) Loki (thats right loki)
3) Loki ( a second one until you get morningstar)
4) Magneto ( trust me on this one)
5) Dr strange

Lets talk synergies bonuses

Master mind synergy
With loki (5 star) and mags:
This gives the entire team a 20% energy damage boost with a combo of 15 or more

(Master mind synergy)
Add a second loki (4 star) extra 16% energy damage boost with a combo of 15 or more

Magneto - You need him to activate lokis special ability

Dr strange - oh my, dr strange gets a 70% boost with his life steal. Welcome back my old friend

Mephisto- Teaming him with dr strange gives him 70% additional incinerate energy.

Lets do the math:


Thats 105% additional energy damage boost

Lets remove 1 loki and add morning star

That makes it 90% additional energy damage

Morningstar synergy:

Mephisto starts fight with 1 additional soul at the start of the fight

THIS IS HUGE since mephisto already gains one additional soul for every new match.

Im not sure but seems like at the start of every fight you will get 2 additional souls

Morningstar starts fight with 1 bar of power.

(Would love to see what synergy mephisto gets from her).


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  • Eos_Nano_XEos_Nano_X Posts: 304
    Thanks, that is amazing.
    I may not have the 5* team for them but i have the full 3* set (excluding Morningstar and Mephisto) all maxed.
    (Shame the Synergies wont be as many or as high with 3* team though)
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