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Filters in the Summoner Boosts menu

I made the mistake of investing Loyalty into boosts I hardly use (class sp2 boosts, general class sp boosts, etc) which has now cluttered my Summer Boosts menu. The reason this is annoying is that I hardly use them, and for some reason - they're all above both the Champion Boosts and the Health boosts. I would much rather have the Champion Boosts, Health Boosts and Damage Boosts at the top, making them easily available to me. I find myself using less potions because I can't be bothered scrolling through the menu. I've also always found myself not spending potions unless I absolutely have to, which means I always have them cluttering my Stash. If they were easily available, not taking so long to scroll through, I would definitely use more of them.

This could be solved by having buttons at the very top which filters the potion, such as having one option for "Champion boosts", one option for "Special Attack boosts" and one to filter for the "current event boosts".
If no filter, then at least move the most used potions to the top. It could also be re-organized simply based on the number a summoner has activated a certain amount of potions, causing the less used ones to clutter the bottom of the menu.

Is this an issue that bothers other players? What do you guys think about this suggestion?


  • KnasKnasKnasKnas Posts: 28
    Bumping this since it got no responses as it drowned in other posts right away
  • Darkarrow_Darkarrow_ Posts: 9
    Got the same feeling that Summoner boosts window should be review cause it's far for pratical for me.
    In AW, i mainly use :
    - attack boost
    - "war" boost (grey ones)
    - champion boost
    - health boost sometimes
    Activated one of each, with the war ones in last (cause they only last 3min) is a real pain. And happen a few time that scrolling, i accidently activated a boost i didn't want to.
    I though maybe a tab in that window where u can set your favorite boosts (9 max so 3 lines) which make more easier to activate boosts without having to lose time scrolling ; no quantity to set, if you want to buy more, u go to the main tab.
    You can add or remove boosts from favorite as you please so in war, u can read a node, put boosts u gonna need to favorite, even maybe add one extra for next node and when all is set, go to favorite tab & activate them except the one for next note, start your fight. You prepare, you activate, you're ready to go !
    In quest, we usually use the same boosts so with that way, you can easily refresh boosts without having to scroll to find them.
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