Fate of Android Users???????

Is it true that Android users won't be able to login in the game till 7 June??
I think it's a hoax. Guys let's just put our faith in kabam I think they r doing their best to solve the problem. And if required they will give the compensation themselves we don't have to keep reminding them.


  • RobojiniRobojini Posts: 30
    Obviously it's a fake I have both iOS and Android device and haven't received any such mail.
  • Roo84Roo84 Posts: 2
    My buddy is playing he has an iphone
  • Rana_9k9Rana_9k9 Posts: 15
    Great it's a relief
  • RyandoomRyandoom Posts: 66
  • DLegendDLegend Posts: 745 ★★★
    edited June 2017
    Search it up on reddit mate, its fake. Its those pesky ios users trolling us.
  • Rana_9k9Rana_9k9 Posts: 15
    It is just chill kabam have said that this thing is fake
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