I'm tired of losing my arenas strike, my AQ life and my AW attack bonuses because of crashes

Every time the game crashes I send my bug report (which I know has everything the devs need to know what happened) I hope that in the next update it will be fixed but it continues like this and does not change. Sorry if some insult was said in some of my reports, but at the moment I feel a lot of anger because in AQ they don't forgive your life and in war they don't forgive you the loss of attack bonus in favor of the other team in season.

I hope that showing my problem (that I have since September 2019) here I have some answer.

imagen de bug

As you can see in the video when I try to continue with my fight with Warlock, it doesn't let me and it appears like I lost the fight (only 200/300 battle chips win)


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