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10.5 K prestige, reliable and communicative player looking to join Platinum Alliances

Was in a chilled alliance for over an year and joined a plat 3 alliance few weeks back and it disbanded. So looking to join a new Platinum 1-4 alliance.

Only 5 T2 wars experience in the past few weeks. Have successfully complete 2 AQ seasons in Map 6. section 5/7/7.

Except for Abyss all other content 100% complete - Cavalier 100% every month.

I communicate regularly and have got skills. I have no issues clearing lanes without dying, but we are still human and could make mistakes. Last 3 T2 Wars have not died clearing my path.

I have updated my war / AQ champions using KABAM's new tool to add the roster in game. So you could have a look at it.

Everyone wants to get on with the game and life, so no point having interviews, etc. (not against it, but I can't stand no response for over few hours - appreciate that everyone's busy hence no point in interviews.)

I am not a whale, no spending only skill.

If you want a reasonable, no drama, responsive and skilled player send me an in game request.

Cheers! Have a good one lads ;)


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