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10.5k player LF AQ focused map 5/6

Experienced adult player map6 w/ epic modifiers, plat1 AW player looking to take a step down to focus on game content and the holidays. I have Line and will remain active.

Line ID: mezz


  • DarthHaasDarthHaas Posts: 385 ★★
    Hey man I shot you a friend request but we run maps
    Bg1 5x5
    Bg2,3 6x5
    1 bg for war optional
    Can fit you in map 5 or 6 and war if wanted, we rotate in and out to get season rewards. Low item use, etc.
  • mezzman99mezzman99 Posts: 10
    @darth ok cool.

    Also Line ID is mezzman not mezz
  • Avenger_A1Avenger_A1 Posts: 265
    Active and supportive alliance. We do AQ maps 554x5 with mods. Last score 172M (3800 glory). AW optional.

    Alliance - StarBrothers
    Line - Avenger A-1
  • trindels23trindels23 Posts: 76
    Mezz, did you join anywhere yet? I looked for you on Line but couldn't find you
  • Chadpool1Chadpool1 Posts: 348
    Hi. Chadpool1 (Line) here. I’m with the Deadpool Corps (Dp&u2), and we are looking for AQ minded individuals and some that dig War.

    In War we only do one group so that people can concentrate on other stuff. You can cycle in and out to get your 5 Wars for rewards.

    We are more focused on a strong AQ. You will grow your account very quickly with us. We typically run 555 all week. That way you do not need to donate to the treasury, but still maximize rewards.

    We Just Ask That You Be Active.

    Talkative helps too
    We are on Line app so that helps.

    So if the Deadpool Corps (Dp&u2) sounds like a place you can call home let me know. There’s only a couple spots open at the moment.
  • orballorball Posts: 52
    If you are UCT or central or Pacific time. Contact me on line. atomic99 is line id. We are plat 4 3 aq map 6x5. If that works for you. You can contact me.
  • mezzman99mezzman99 Posts: 10
    Thanks everyone for the interest. Found a new alliance.
  • SupermancaSupermanca Posts: 222
    We do 66555 and in the new year will be doing more map 6.
    If interested please message me at superman.ca either ingame or line.
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