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9.9 k prestige player lf guild

Hi there,

I’m looking for a reliable guild that’s doing map 6 and no item wars. Hmu if that’s what y’all are doin, name is AsaWyeth in game or on Line, cheers!


  • Capt_SmasherCapt_Smasher Posts: 27
    Join us (wolves Juniors), AQ focused Maps 554 with 140+ million weekly score, AW 1 BG.
  • AsaWyethAsaWyeth Posts: 49
    Looking for a guild, aq map 6, item less wars, thx!
  • orballorball Posts: 52
    Add me on line. atomic99 is the id. We can talk there if you are interested in plat 4 3 tier 4 3 aw with map6x5
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