Looking for map 6 alliance

Looking for a map 6 alliance took a break from alliances since a couple months looking to get back in. my prestige is 10k+ also would like to be platinum 4 or better in war my line Id is Matthewmiller352 and in game name is matthew352


  • MadTing123MadTing123 Posts: 106
    That roster is a madness
  • @MadTing123 in a good way or bad way lol
  • MadTing123MadTing123 Posts: 106

    @MadTing123 in a good way or bad way lol

    Definetely in a good way lmao
  • DarthHaasDarthHaas Posts: 384 ★★
    @Matthewmiller not sure if you ha e found a place or not but we have a fairly chill but competitive alliance. We run map 566x5 and can have you in map 5 or 6 when/if needed.
    We also run 1 bg in war and are currently tier 4. We don’t really push super hard on item use. We just like the competition in the harder maps.
    Anyway, this may be a tad bit to relaxed for what you looking for but if needed hit me up

    Line ID: darthhaas
  • DarthHaasDarthHaas Posts: 384 ★★
    Also with running 1 bg we g2 majority closer to g1
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