Problem with Premium hero crsytal

Really having a big problem opening premium hero crystals and i have only had one 4 star from PHC. I can open like 30 phc and not even a 3 star. Please help me out. I really love this game but am having problems getting a 4 star hero from PHC


  • Le_Marv_8Le_Marv_8 Posts: 84
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    The problem with PHC pulls is our expectation. We expect a great pull when there is lower than 5-8% chance to get a 4*. There is approximately 10-15% chance to get 3*s and a great 70-80% chance to score a 2*.

    The trick to over come this predicament is to expect the worst. That way when you get 2*s (which by now is close to being irrelevant) you'll be happy for the 55 3* shard. You'll be happier to get those 3*s and 55 4* shard too.

    Occasionally you'll get lucky and get a much deserved 4*, Till then keep your expectations low son.

    Also, do focus on taking on the story quest and featured events and arena for shards and 4* champs. They reward you better.

    As the saying goes "When life gives you lemons, make lemonades". Have fun!
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    Before the update, I'd get a 4* out of phc every couple weeks at most, I do open a whole lot of crystals but I've opened about 4* as many phc without a 4* as I ever have which means the odds have to be way down now
  • MMSTMMST Posts: 11
    This is called stealing. Kabam are gang of thieves and if you don't fill their pockets you won't win.
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