Which 5* should I take to r4?

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Currently working on completing Act 4 100%. The rest of my main team: 4* r5 awakened 50/50 Ghost, 4* r4 awakened 50/50 Corvus, 4* r4 40/40 The Hood, 4* r4 40/40 Thor, 5* r1 25/25 Wasp

Which 5* should I take to r4? 46 votes

r3 45/45 awakened Archangel
MegaGalacticRookiieKill_GreycrazygodzTheInfintyRenaxqqBeastDadSuperiorSymbioteFluffy_pawsIryseCrcrcrcanaLysis_The_Sentry06[Deleted User]BlackTuranZura_1Barani7daScarcity27 18 votes
r3 45/45 Warlock
Kabiraz77DogfoodLidDeQueueJunaisxandersrevengepigupompomshivam1EtjamaKRANꓘdangarang122Sarvanga1_AstoundsMaxLeePhillip14233VendemiaireŘïdđhįmodishika123QazzyKablWill3808 28 votes
r3 45/45 Symbiote Supreme
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  • DogfoodLidDogfoodLid Posts: 58
    r3 45/45 Warlock
    Id go warlock easy. What aa does well he does well even as r3. Used a 4* r5 for boss rushes when i didnt have 5*. Warlick will serve you well
  • r3 45/45 Warlock
    Warlock all the way man i r4ed him recently too
  • cozyqail221_cozyqail221_ Posts: 13
    r3 45/45 Warlock
    im a millionare
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 5,676 ★★★★★
    r3 45/45 awakened Archangel

    im a millionare

  • r3 45/45 Warlock

    im a millionare

    Congrats man
  • MCOC_JCMMCOC_JCM Posts: 78

    I would go Warlock, but I see you already have Ghost as your main Tech champ, so go AA first and then Warlock

    My Ghost is only a 4*...should I make Warlock my main tech since he is 5 star? Or should my duped 4* Ghost still be my main tech champ?
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