Is Medusa worth an awakening gem?

zattree1zattree1 Posts: 31
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Just pulled a 5* Medusa from the Cyber Monday deals. I have a cosmic 5* awakening gem and was wondering whether to use it on her, or wait for a better champ like Corvus? I already have an awakened CMM. Thanks.

Is Medusa worth an awakening gem? 16 votes

Use it!
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Wait for a better champ...
Barani7da 1 vote


  • RaviDaviRaviDavi Posts: 800 ★★★
    Use it!
    Not 100% sure, but it does boost her damage significantly.
  • Scrubkiller_1Scrubkiller_1 Posts: 136
    Use it!
    Yes it is worth it speaking as someone with the top 5 cosmics at 5/65 and duped, she's phenomenal and her sig is quite helpful, nice protective net and can be good for defense, not to mention the dmg boost.
  • TheMaskTheMask Posts: 104
    Use it!
    I have her at Rank 5, 5 star...she has helped me in soo much content...
    You wont go wrong with her awakening....also put in a small amount of sig...her autoblock will save your ass more time that you can imagine...
  • EtherealityEthereality Posts: 605 ★★★
    Use it!
    Definitely use it. She is the best counter against all robots . Period. Even more so than Red Magneto because Mags wont do 100% aar and 0 power gain
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