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Meet the 2020 Summoner Showdown Europe/Russia Region Semi Finalists - Extended Edition!

Greetings Summoners!

For the last stop on our world tour, we're heading to the Europe/Russia region, to meet our final 2 Semifinalists! Will one of these two be the one to take home the title of the Summoner Showdown Champion? Only time will tell!


Read all about them below in this interview with UMCOC's Dragon!
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  • Quatschpete

    Are you a fan of the Marvel movies? Comics? Cartoons? What made you pick up Marvel Contest of Champions?
    Yes, I'm a huge fan of the franchise since the first X-Men movie in 2000! A friend of mine introduced me to the game back in 2015.

    What is one of your favorite in-game moments? (Specific fight, war matchup, one shot, etc)

    One of my favourite in-game moments is probably the first time I took down Maestro in the Labyrinth of Legends. I did it in 6 revives with my first rank 5 5-Star Stark Enhanced Spider-Man.

    What alliance are you in (if any!) and why do you love it?
    I'm in the alliance Artillery X-Men. I love it because we all share the same love for the game, whilst helping each other out and working together as a team.

    What’s the history behind your in-game name?
    It's the name of a side character in one of my favorite book series called "Skulduggery Pleasant".

    What character would you love to see join Marvel Contest of Champions?
    I´d love to see Quicksilver join the Contest. The slow motion scene in X-Men Days of the Future Past is one of the funniest and coolest scenes in the whole movies series.

    What keeps you hooked on the game and coming back for more?
    I love to do new content and be able to bring different Champions into upcoming challenges and never seen before game modes.

    What is your favorite game mode (AQ, AW, Arena, Incursions, etc), and why?
    I really like the Boss Rush challenges and side event quests like the current Convention Clash.

    What moment are you most proud of in the game, outside of qualifying for the semi-finals?
    The first time I beat the Grandmaster in 6.4 and the original Champion boss in 6.2, as I think these fights were, and are very challenging.

    Have you done the Abyss? If so, favorite and least favorite fights? Any tips for those yet to complete it?
    I haven't had the time to hop into the Abyss as of now, but I'm looking to do an initial run later this year or early next year.

    What motivates you to do challenges like this one? Any highlights from this one that you want to call out?
    I really like to test myself in these kinds of challenges as I'm having fun testing out Champions and interactions as well as being a very competitive person in general.

    Everyone loves advice from an expert - what advice would you give new players, and on the same hand, what advice would you give to a new Cavalier player looking to advance their account?
    For new players: Don't sweat about being behind in the Contest and not being able to complete all the challenges right away. If you have every character and done every single challenge there is nothing to look forward to. Get your masteries unlocked ASAP! Before you look up videos from content creators on how to play a match up or overcome a certain challenge think for yourself and try things out. That in my opinion is how you learn and improve most in this game. Also don't underestimate the smaller channels on youtube, they put out a lot of great content!

    For Cavalier players: Take a look at your existing roster and your challenges ahead. Which content is doable for you? What characters are you missing to complete a specific challenge? Don't rush into difficult fights that will cost you a lot of units if you come unprepared.

    Most unusual place for a crystal pull? Was it lucky?
    I can't remember an unusual place to open up a crystal, but I remember buying 5-star Ægon Cavalier crystals and getting him as a 5* Champion, bringing me one step closer to running the Abyss for the first time.

    Last but not least - if you could ask for one thing in The Contest, what would it be?
    Having more challenges like the Nameless Thanos fight or the Grandmaster in 6.4!
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    Where can I find the gameplay rules, for example, the choices the Summoners make between Flow, Stubborn, and Protect, or the Champions to exclude?
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