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Guillotines spec 2 heal reversal not working

Ive been killing my way thru ROL since yesterday and i noticed today after various attempts that guillotines heal reversal isnt working everytime i hut her special 2 against ROL wolverine it only worked once in the beginning of every fight and everytime after it never worked what the heck is happening is she bugged this needs to be solved immediately its not normal


  • PedrobarraPedrobarra Posts: 41
    Lol. Not sure you know what normal is bro. Read her info
  • I did and it says her heal reversal procs everytime u hit use her special 2 its worked with bosses everytime in AW or AQ bro i dont think realm of legends is any different from aq or war except for no spec 3s in ROL other than that i belive it supposed to work everytime !!
  • ShadeadShadead Posts: 28
    You need at least 2 souls for the heal reversal to trigger. Because RoL Wolverine has so much health you need to be pretty quick on the first and hope he triggers a heal so you can get more souls. Each soul is gained by taking off a certain percentage of health and expires over time.
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