Some items are displaying erroneous star ratings. This seems to be happening most on items where typically there are no star ratings. We have found the cause for the issue and it will be resolved, targeting mid-late next week.

Currently LF 1-2 with 9500+ prestige! Let’s go!

Hey guys: we are in need of 1 possibly 2 guys to join us. AQ focused doing 6x5x1 no mods and 5x5x2 with mods...AW is no pressure, just ask that you join and do your part: this mentality gives us Gold 2/3 war rankings...we use Line to communicate and thats about it. Good group of guys who have been around for awhile that still enjoy the game and break from reality...primarily North American based with a few across the pond...let me know on line if you need more info...

@advomiggy or @advoblade


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