AQ 4/3/2 Silver 1

Line preferred.

Laid back alliance. Running 4/3/2 and looking to move to a 4/3/3 at some point. Currently can expect a little over 2k in glory per AQ run.

War is not required but we run 2 BGs during season and drop to 1 in offseason. This can be flexed depending on who wants to play.

Basic participation is wanted. You don’t need to be the man/woman, just play and help.

Can message me on Line at bproc2 or in game at AversionsCrown. I may be a bit slower to respond on here. Thanks!


  • Still looking.

    Around 20 members have been in the group for a long time, so if a consistent team is also something you like, we would work.
  • Looking still. Again, solid group that’s been the same for a long time.

    AQ is mandatory, map 3 if you can do it, or map 2 ( which obviously allows you do do anything else you want during AQ). War is optional.

    Expect around 2k glory. We’ve actually gathered a handful of peoples second accounts where they can rank up people but not be burdened with losing 8 guys while playing war.

    Message me on Line at bproc2. Prefer line for initial contact, do not NEED line if you are a consistent player in AQ after initial contact. Just play and do your thing.

  • Still have spots. If you’re looking to get into a new alliance soon, message me on line via Bproc2 or AversionsCrown in game but I’ll ask you to contact me on line (easier to chat)

    Requirements are same as stated in previous replies. No war necessary etc.

    Have more than 1 open although 29 are in there. Looking to dump my 2nd account and another member is trying to dump some extra accounts as well.

  • Lonewolf447Lonewolf447 Posts: 7
    Hey. This might just be the ally im looking for.
    Message me on line at lonewolf 447.
    (P.s:That's my in game name too with the L in caps.)
  • YourFather121YourFather121 Posts: 8
    edited December 2020
    I'm Interested if there's any spot open, hmu in-game as YourFather121
  • We have some openings again.

    However we began doing Map 5 for AQ w/no mods. If interested message be on Line @ bproc2.

    No war required. Pretty laid back, most I got to join have stuck around. Don’t need to be active in line chat either (especially with the poke feature etc in game)
  • Filled 3 spots. If you look, it will seem we are full, but I will have 2 spots after the next set of AQ. If interested, let me know via line. But again, be aware it won’t be til after AQ rewards are given for the next one.
  • Update: after the current set of AQ, will possibly have 3 spots open. 1 is a guarantee, 90% sure on the other 2.

    If you can do map 5 w/no mods, that would be a bonus as the person leaving (2 accounts) is a map 5 player.

    Again, bproc2 on Line for more info not in the thread. Thanks!
  • Now looking for a Map 5 player. No mods.

    We actually have been getting roughly 3k glory per AQ run.

    War is not required. Participation in AQ is a must.

    Message bproc2 on line if interested.

    Will also have a map 3 opening and a map 2 opening.
  • I have 2 openings. One would be for a map 3/4 and another for map 2.

    We are running map 3 but may move to 4 so if you can do either, even better.

    Only AQ required. No war. So an active/skilled second account is totally cool.

    Again, expect around 3k glory per AQ run.

    Message bproc2 on Line.
  • Have 2 openings again. Possibly 3.

    Running 5/3/2. Expect 3k glory per AQ run and still, no war required.

    Prefer someone who can do map 4 because I’d like to move to 5/4/2. I have enough lower guys to keep building their accounts via map 2.

    I have a good amount of peoples 2nd accounts but need you to be active if that’s your case, and again, is capable of doing map 3/4.

    Message me at bproc2 on Line. Thanks!
  • Looking for 2-4 people.

    Preferably capable of Map 3 (with heroic mods) and active for AQ. War is not required, and I don’t need someone who’s super active for anything else but AQ.

    Have had a few issues with peoples second accounts and not being active.

    Have 2 current openings, we are LofH2. But my second is still in there and can be replaced, and I have a person who is leaving soon.

    Message me at bproc2 on line. Thanks!
  • Still seeking 2-4 players for Map 3/2 in AQ. No war requirement. Participation in AQ is a must.

    Two current openings, but I have one who is leaving and my second account that can be moved. The alliance is LofH2.

    Message me on Line at bproc2

  • AversionsCrownAversionsCrown Posts: 52
    Looking for a handful of players.

    Need 1 or 2 capable of Map 5 in AQ, no mods.

    Need 2 for Map 3 w/heroic mods.

    Need 1 or 2 for Map 2 w/mods.

    Had 2 guys stop playing who were with us a while. No war required. The alliance is LofH2

    Contact me at bproc2 on Line. Thanks!
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