Energy Requirements for this month

I did one pass in the halls of glory and saw one path in the highest difficulty takes an entire block of energy. It got me thinking, there's 4 different things to do this month (monthly EQ (atleast UC and Cav), Side event, Celeb challenge, Halls) and the shards arena. Not taking time into account, how do you feel about the energy requirements for this month?


  • Noodes_Noodes_ Posts: 92
    Way too much. But good thing they sell refills!
  • kingbradley1297kingbradley1297 Posts: 119 ★★
    Noodes_ said:

    Way too much. But good thing they sell refills!

    So you're essentially offsetting the units earned from the side event and arena right? There's little to no net gain because I'm going to have to spend those refills.

    One of the 3 events needs to become zero energy imo. I think it should be the side event. Or reduce the energy req by 1 pip each in the halls of glory
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