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Is there a way to get tier two class catalysts other than their daily?

I need three cosmic catalysts to rank up my first four star, and I don't want to wait up to 2 weeks to get him their, is their anyway to get tier 2 cosmic catalysts other than the daily event?


  • Armaganon00Armaganon00 Posts: 741 ★★
    Not really, and it usually takes 100% completion for just 1..
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 3,236 ★★★★
    Get lucky with an overpriced offer after running T2.
  • RaindoRaindo Posts: 39
    phillgreen wrote: »
    Get lucky with an overpriced offer after running T2.

    Not happening
  • you need to farm those t2cc, if you don't need the specific daily t2cc doesnt mean you don't need it in the future. so always explore 100% the t2cc. it only costs like 50 energy tops. totally worth it
  • B_mikeB_mike Posts: 35
    run for t1cosmic catalyst, sell them for t2cosmic
  • RaindoRaindo Posts: 39
    B_mike wrote: »
    run for t1cosmic catalyst, sell them for t2cosmic
    Thank you!!!
  • HawkeHawke Posts: 46
    My experience has been if you've got a full stash of t2cc or t3cc the drop rates are better. If you're at 0, you'll most likely get fragments.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    Always run the T1CC and T2CC until your inventory is full, then refill as necessary. It takes a couple of weeks to build up a stash, but you'll always have the cats when/if you need them.

    Even with 50+ 4* champs at rank 3, I still do T2CC and T3BC quests every day.
  • As much as it's a pain and the payouts aren't exactly fantastic running those daily class quests give free class cores, high exp for the difficulty level and are huge point earners in solo quests.

    Run them during a solo event quest completion. Even when you don't need them. It's best to do it that way, just hoarding max amounts is a waste of energy if you have story acts to finish still.
  • RotmgmoddyRotmgmoddy Posts: 916 ★★★
    You can get T2cc from one type of alliance event: The class specialist event. But that is not a good source because the class specialist event is not very common and it switches between all 6 classes, which means you will take quite a long time just to get the correct class specialist you are looking for, and it only gives you 1 T2cc.

    The easiest and fastest way is the proving grounds.
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