8.4m Alliance looking for up to three players

alliance recruitment (A.S.C) AYR SOCCER CREW (A.S.C)

Rating: 8.4 mil Alliance AW: Tier 4

About us,
Requirements. donate: 40k gold, 3k BC, 3k loyalty
AQ: Mandatory, excellent communication, capable of clearing path by yourself.
SA - 9K minimum

About you:
minimum 200k team rating (enough R4 and R5 4* to handle both AQ and AW) R3 5*+ even better
Serious about joining and being active when needed for AQ and AW.
Active and can clear your AQ line with minimal potion usage.
Team player and willing to help to assist with strategies for improvement.

*Alliance consists mostly of European and US players so all timezones welcome.

We use "line app"for our team chat app which is required.

Please inquire
IGN: MattyLo


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