Kabams plan to deal with Players Stuck in Abyss or With Expiring items due to bugs

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With the recent update Aegon was broken, this has meant some people that were in the middle of abyss runs are stuck in Abyss. What is Kabams plan in helping those people and coming up with a way where they aren't just sitting in abyss waiting for a fix ?

I personally had just got past Luke cage when the update broke Aegon and decided to take the L and quit out. Others i know are in much deeper with a considerable resource investment so not exactly something they would want to do without reassurances their progress wouldn't be lost.

Also what about those who have items expiring and had planned abyss runs using the recent gifting event to exchange revives. What will you do to help these players. I have 55 revives i exchanged in overflow to be used for 2 runs i had planned, which i was going to do on the AW break just gone and was then planning to attempt another path next AW break. Those items will expire in 10 days.

Some information or plan to address these issues would be appreciated

@Andreleite @Skesr @teamironwinter had similar concerns as i am sure others too


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    The one fury bug fixes itself after 750 hits
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    The one fury bug fixes itself after 750 hits

    interesting, this is the first i have heard of this. any footage/videos to confirm this ? @Hera1d_of_Ga1actus
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    Lemme go into ROL quickly
  • The team is working on getting the issue resolved as quickly as possible and has a thread already going for this issue here where players can share information and where we will be providing updates as more information becomes available. As there's already a thread about this issue in the Bugs and Known Issues section, this thread will now be closed.
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