Advanced alliance missed expert tier bonus with 48 mill.

We scored 48 million in AQ and arent getting a bonus because we wouldnt have advanced to expert. Normally wed be sailing into expert with that score so I would like some data on the nature of the teams that were dropped to advanced illegitimately so we can get a handle on how that affected our own advancement.


  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,842 ★★★★
    Well people from expert with much higher prestige were probably competing against you in advanced tier so they skewed the rankings.
  • NiradNirad Posts: 18
    They should expand the rewards to more alliances. You regularly only need 31 million to advance to expert tier. We did 38 million to be extra safe. We normally are rank 450 - 650 but this time we were 1100+. So we didn't get any compensation for their error (only given to the top 700)!! As we are stuck again another week in Advanced, this next week we will lose out on 11,000 t4b shards and 1 glory crystal from the expert tier. On top of that, as the maps will be free, it will be harder to advance! Every alliance that doesn't do the hard work of saving battle chips, loyalty and gold for multiple map 5's will now join and even with doing 5x5, it may require 50+ million to advance! So we could be screwed 2 weeks until it is back to normal.
  • NDK13NDK13 Posts: 620
    here you go alliances like illuminati who are top 10 in AQ Every week were sent to advanced tier and got **** rewards. My alliance itself usually places top 200 every AQ in expert tier and we g it rank 11 in advanced.
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