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2 LF AQ alliance - 1Mil+ And 10k+ prestige

My buddy and I are active yet laid back players looking for an AQ based alliance. Both US time zones. Happy with 6x5 or mix of 6/7.
SA contributions are pretty steady and above average.


  • BaggamanBaggaman Posts: 33
    Hi mate, we do map5 if that’s laid back enough for use. We’re currently Gold3 but our aim next season is Gold2, if your interested in game name Baggaman, add me
  • Look me up on Line so we can discuss. ID is Seamus2099. We may have what you’re looking for.
  • Hit me up on line, we have one spots opening after war season and could be want you're looking for

  • PhartedPharted Posts: 30
    We might some 2 opening in Reb_5. Currently running 1 BG map 7 and 2 BGs map 6 for borderline Top 150 AQ. 1 BG optional war. Line ID is Pharted.
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