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Abyss Planning, Post Fights & Thoughts

DarkEternityDarkEternity Posts: 692 ★★★
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Abyss Planning, Post Fights & Thoughts -

So, I completed abyss around 5-6 days ago and today I decided I would share my pre-abyss & post-abyss plan and write up.

Team: Ægon (Sig 140) - SymSupreme (sig 1) - Torch (sig 90) - Nick Fury (sig 1) - Heimdall (sig 20)

Stash: 50 Revives, 2k Units, ~120 L3 Potions, 20 L4 Potions. Maxed on 20% Health Boosts & 15% Attack Boosts, also have 4 30% champion boosts as well as 3 20% champion boosts.

1. Thing (2.6) -

Ramp up Ægon, should go for a 4 revive kill. No rush.


This fight went really clean besides the final fight where I got evaded and lost my combo so I had to use 1 more revive than anticipated. 5 Revives Used.

2. Omega Red (2.6) -

Keep Ramping up Ægon, hoping for a 2-4 revive kill on this one.


Horrible fight for me. He evaded me at some of the most inopportune times, costing me combo and extra revives. 7 Revives Used.

3. Quake (5.7) -

More Ægon rampup, hopefully will be done in 3 revives.


This fight I started off with Nick Fury, I took down around 15% of her health with him in his first phase, exited the fight before dying to save his real nick fury phase. In total only took 3 revives with Ægon and got me to 999 combo.

4. Medusa (2.6) -

SymSupreme, should be able to one or two shot this fight if memory serves.


Used my first 30% Booster this fight. Didn’t use any other boosts. Super simple fight, was very fun to do with SymSupreme. The one shot on this fight is basically impossible without max boosts and a decent AI so I didn’t stress it. 2 Revives Used.

5. Mephisto (2.6) -

Torch, if I don’t one shot this fight I’m going to scream and probably quit.


Easiest fight ever with Torch, completely destroyed him. No Revives Used.

6. Captain Marvel (Movie) (5.7) -

SymSupreme, should be an easy enough 1-2 shot.


Healed up to max and then. boosted up with Health and Attack boosts. Still had plenty of time left on my 30% to take out CMM. Mainly boosted because IMIW was coming up so why not boost a little early. Super simple fight if played properly. I did mess up and get evaded which costed me a revive, though. 2 Revives used.

7. Ghost (2.6) -

Another Ægon fight, I suppose, will probably have a 999 combo by this point but may not.


Really simple fight as long as you do MLLLL combos (which you should be doing throughout abyss). You can avoid allowing her to crit you which makes it super easy to use Ægon’s heavy to get the furies. 1 Revive Used.

8. Iron Man (IW) (2.6) -

Torch and Ægon, will go in with Torch and try to get him down to 15% and then finish him off w/ Ægon. May be a single revive or it might end up being 10, who knows.


I have to say is practice, practice, practice for this fight before entering abyss. Torch went in without prefight on the first attempt and got him down to 30%. Next attempt I had prefight but messed up around the 10% mark. Went in with Ægon and messed up around 5% and then got the rest down. 3 Revives Used.

9. Joe Fixit (5.7) -

Ægon fight, with good rng 2-3 revives, with bad could be more


Literally had the best RNG of my life on this fight. He never rolled regen and so I had an easy 4 shot of this guy. 3 Revives Used.

10. Mordo (2.6) -

Hoping for the Torch solo here, I might even have my prefight back at this point depending on rng, without a solo it’s likely a 2-3 shot.


Literally had the worst RNG this fight. At some points he literally used his L1 on me when I was trying to block break him with Torch. Others, I got evaded and he astral evaded me. All of the attempts overall sucked, though. Complete RNG fight. 6 Revives Used.

11. Venom The Duck (5.7) -

SymSupreme, I should be able to easily solo this fight.


The biggest fight to bring SymSupreme for. The most important factor of this fight is to only push VTD to an L1, let him throw it, then throw an L3. Limit your hits in between L3s and never use an L2 no matter how much you may want to. 0 Revives used.

12. Howard The Duck (5.7) -

Ægon, another rng fight, could be 3 revives could be 5.


Pretty simple and straightforward fight. This fight could be done with max despair Torch or Ægon, but my Torch was low and I’d rather not waste items. As long as you time parries correctly you should be fine here. I can’t remember if the fight took 3 or 4 revives so I’m going to stick with the higher number of 4 here.

13. Hyperion (2.6) -

SymSupreme, should be an easy 1-2 shot.


Very, very easy fight. At one point I got evaded and absolutely decimated which costed me a revive. Overall, though, the fight was quite easy. 2 Revives Used.

14. Champion (2.6) -

SymSupreme, same as above, nice and easy.


Almost got destroyed in this fight. On my second time through here I was once again evaded but I managed to dodge his counter-attack. Main goal here is the same as any with Sym: control the opponent’s buffs carefully. 1 Revive Used.

15. Cyclops (5.7) -

Ægon, here’s the oh no fight. Looking more at 3-5 revives this fight.


I used 2 revives to really get into this fight and figure it out. Figured out the ideal rotation and went to town with heavy spam until I built up to an L2 and then fired that off with 6 furies (from getting hit). I had to revive 2 more times to get him down. This one was a super fun fight! 4 Revives Used.

16. Loki (5.7) -

Torch and Ægon should be the best for this fight. Will probably just spam Torch. 1-2 revives from what I’ve seen from other people.


Not difficult at all, just a very long and boring fight. I took out 60% of Loki’s health with Torch as I had gotten back my prefight. Brought Ægon in and then got evaded where I was promptly annihilated. Revived Ægon again and knocked out Loki. 2 Revives used.

17. Ægon (2.6) -

SymSupreme & Ægon fight, should take him out in 2 revives or less


Super simple fight with SymSupreme. I was a little lost on how exactly to fight him properly my first time through which costed me a revive. The second time through absolutely destroyed him. 1 Revive used.

18. Invisible Woman (2.1) -

Might revive Nick for this fight for the one shot. Might cost more than a single revive for this fight w/ Ægon anyways.


Another fight I messed up on a few times where I shouldn’t have. Took me a little bit to understand that I had nothing to fear from IW’s power stings with Nick. Once I got the hang of it, was quite easy. 2 Revives Used.

19. Cull Obsidian (5.7) -

SymSupreme should easily one shot this guy. Just get him to spam L1s and I’m gucci.


Literally the easiest fight in abyss other than Mephisto. SymSupreme just did so much damage after Cull used his L1 and I popped Sym’s L3. 0 Revives Used.

20. Nameless Collector (4.2) -

First go in w/ Nick to test the waters, hopefully will be able to get some decent damage in. Afterwards sacrifice SymSupreme for maybe just a tiny lil bit of damage. Then use Heimdall for that sweet 1% damage. Finally just going to spam Ægon. I have a few team revives so may just do that rotation once more afterwards then just use revives on Ægon. I’m hoping for a sub 10 revive count but anything could happen.


Rotation went as planned initially but it all went south from there. I lost a few reivves because I forgot that you should avoid trying to dex GM’s L1. I actually ended up taking a nap in between a few revives because I wanted to make sure I didn’t use more than absolutely necessary. Woke up and finished him off. A word of advice for this fight: always try to push him to his L2, it’s extremely easy to dex despite it looking difficult. Also, watch his unstoppable timer, can be quite annoying. 15 Revives Used.

Total Revives Used: 63 (Though, I may have miscounted)

Post-Abyss Thoughts:

This is some honestly super fun content that I’m glad I was finally able to do. I love long fights and the satisfaction of finally getting it done after I went so long without Ægon is wonderful. I would recommend this piece of advice to anyone attempting abyss, practice fighting abyss IMIW and practice dueling cyclops and Mordo. I practiced versus IMIW w/ Torch w/o prefight over 50 times. In all those attempts I only had a single 1 shot vs IMIW and 6 times I brought him down to 15% or sub 15%. Also, get really good with whatever mystic you are using. If you aren’t good with them then abyss will cost so many more revives than you’d likely initially planned. It’s also worth it to point out I see myself as an average player. I just tend to practice a lot and I believe that practice is what allowed me to do abyss so easily. If it were up to me I would’ve spent more time practicing to minimize the revives I used on some of the fights especially Mordo, I also would’ve grinded out more potions because there are spots that I really could’ve done more with more potions. Anyway, I’m glad to have finally finished my initial abyss clear.

Post-Abyss Rewards:

2 Featureds -

Had extra shards so I opened 2 Featured 6* and got Prof X and Dragonman

6* AG Crystal -

Grabbed a cosmic AG that I put into Cull Obsidian (He’s def going to R2)

T5CC crystal -

I got a science T5CC which I’m pretty happy with. I’m deciding whether to R3 Wasp or wait and see if I can get iBom.

R3? -

I just happened to also have a mutant T5CC that I was actually going to use to R3 Beast. Now, I’m just trying to get enough Iso to R3 Prof X!
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  • LandsLands Posts: 40
    Cool good **** man. Thxs for writeup
  • DarkEternityDarkEternity Posts: 692 ★★★
    Lands said:

    Cool good **** man. Thxs for writeup

    Yeah man. I love writing up on this stuff and adding my thoughts on topics like this. Hope it helps!
  • AATTAATT Posts: 525 ★★★
    Amazing post! Very informative, thank you.

    BTW, wasp is my 2nd 6* r3. You can't go wrong with her, hits like a tank and at r3 his low health pool is kinda fixed
  • DarkEternityDarkEternity Posts: 692 ★★★
    AATT said:

    Amazing post! Very informative, thank you.

    BTW, wasp is my 2nd 6* r3. You can't go wrong with her, hits like a tank and at r3 his low health pool is kinda fixed

    Good to know, thanks!
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