Mole Man Purify Debuff Not Working?

Sw0rdMasterSw0rdMaster Posts: 1,744 ★★★★
edited February 2021 in Bugs and Known Issues
Is Mole Man supposed to purify all debuffs?

He seems to still be affected by suicides.


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    Don_WallyDon_Wally Posts: 16
    Same here.
    The Purify don't work here either!
    Same like the True Accuracy over 5 Monstermass.
    Shows over 5 Monstermass, but doesn't work.
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    Kil63Kil63 Posts: 254 ★★
    It's not working at all. Previously he purified Double Edge right at the beginning of the fight, now he's not. He's also not purifying poison or anything else. @Kabam Miike
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