Mastery Templates

Please for the love of god introduce mastery templates... you don't have to make switching free... but I don't use half my champs because I don't want to sit there and redo all my masteries...

I have champs that are suicide friendly and champs that are very not suicide friendly.
I have Mystics that greatly benefit from MD, which I've unlocked,
I have times when Assasins would be awesome or maybe despair...

I often find myself using less than ideal champs simply because it is such a pain in the ass to redo the mastery setup.
I would be more inclined to enjoy the flexibility my entire roster has if you removed this blocking issue.

Also... if you could somehow allow us to make changes to the masteries and then commit them that would be nice.
Accidentally putting too many points in one area means you have to redo the entire thing.

I love the game but this really needs to change...
When I'm in incursions, suicides are probably a bad idea for longevity...
When I want to grind arena suicides would be nice

please please please


  • N1nthcloudN1nthcloud Posts: 219 ★★
    100% agree man.. I recently made a poll on this. Let me necro it real quick because its still a very valid requested feature.
  • FishweaselFishweasel Posts: 176 ★★
    Fully agree! I proposed it to Kabam about a year ago and unfortunately it never got any traction. It’s so tedious clicking through: war offense, war defense, suicide on and off, resonate for AQ wyim path, etc. If there were a template I think more people would be inclined to change mastery, even if it’s the same cost as today.
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