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Back on the game after 2(ish) years

Looking for a fairly focussed alliance that would be able to help me get back into the swing of MCoC. Current summoner rating ~429k, 5.6k prestige. A decent 4* roster but lack depth and strength with 5*’s. Only 1 6 star. Drop me a message in game if you think I’m a good fit. I’m 100% a team player, and an motivated to get back on the grind. Appreciate the time if you’re reading this too, stay safe out there people. Cheers


  • NamorKavonNamorKavon Posts: 16
    @RhysPro99 Hey man, I think we may have a home for you, add me on Discord (Snowball#1212) or in-game (NoDealBrexit) and we can talk futher :)
  • TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 2,094 ★★★★★
    What's the reutn gift kabam gave to you? Just wanted to know it
  • EdwxnEdwxn Posts: 211 ★★

    What's the reutn gift kabam gave to you? Just wanted to know it

    I came after 1.5 years and didn't receive any gift whatsoever. I was Conqueror back then, and still didn't get any gift. Really depressing cos I expected a 5 or 6 star Stark Spidey in return...
  • AddyosAddyos Posts: 1,090 ★★★★
    Look up the alliance Shamballa Bargainers & check out NeeleshS in game. That’s one of my alt accounts & is the leader of an alliance with my mini accounts. We have a great bunch of vets with second accounts and new progressing accounts as well. We do Maps 3 & 2 in AQ, Silver 2 in war last season.

    If interested feel free to reach out to me here, or in Line @ addyman1. Cheers.
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