Who should I R2 next?

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Today I opened a 6* CAIW which I waited him for almost 2 years.. I dont have him as 5* too..too bad he is unduped..is he r2 worthy even if unduped? I have other option too before I opened CAIW which I planned to r2 them

Who should I R2 next? 34 votes

6* Angela (duped)
Hammerbro_64_Sham_Kill_GreyEtjamaMaratoxKsp_2099JohnyBoyHusain_b128Scarcity27Wolviman1XanatosWooptyfrickendoo 12 votes
6* CAIW (unduped)
buffajrBpn88855No_oneukPancake_FaceXdSpoodermanxDKyusushuiRenaxqqGr8TonyStarkCrcrcrcWill3808RiptideLlessur 12 votes
6* Kingpin (unduped)
Yodabolt21 1 vote
6* Gambit (unduped) (horseman gameplay cause i have r5 Apocalypse)
MiStaLovaSarvanga1_AmnetiesTheBair123Scrubhan[Deleted User]Mystery_004SamuraiJack06 8 votes
6* Killmonger (unduped)
zuffy 1 vote
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  • cade4560cade4560 Posts: 34
    I wouldn’t do any personally. Wait for a better champ or until you dupe king pin. Angela and cap need max sig for utility and I personally don’t care for gambit or killmonger
  • ValmarxValmarx Posts: 521 ★★★
    The rules and considerations I tell everyone here who starts to R2 and above
    six-star champions:

    1 - Do you have that champion already as five-star Rank 5/65?
    2 - Is your 6-star duped ? if Yes, is he a puzzle type champion ?(requried high sig)
    3 - Is he your T5CC class type Candidate for R3 ?

    Answer it to yourself and than decide.
    Why ?
    Because 3 years ago, when 5 star's became more common and R3 + became
    more available to them, many ranked up champions that nowadays benching for years
    and the resources won't come back.

    As for now, only Map 7 AQ and Throne Breakers (Daily Crystals) get that easily
    T5Basics, T4B and T2Alphas.

    Ranking a six-star champion to R2 can easily pretty much 70% rank you 2 of a
    five-star to 5/65.

    THERE IS NO CONTENT LIMITATIONS to 5-stars Champions !
    And my guess It won't occur this year nor in Act 7.3 , 7.4
    or the Next 1-2 Variants.

    Possible on the next Abyss maybe but its not a content to 97% of the game
    community anyways.
  • KennMcocKennMcoc Posts: 154
    Ok thanks
  • XdSpoodermanxDXdSpoodermanxD Posts: 531 ★★★
    6* CAIW (unduped)
    I’d say that cap is definitely worth r2 even unduped. I really don’t even use mine for his awakened ability anyways. He’s still plenty useful unduped.
  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 3,250 ★★★★★
    6* CAIW (unduped)
    You should definitely take up Angela and gambit too.
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