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Looking for an Alliance

I’m looking for a new alliance, more specifically for Black People.


  • KingRemixKingRemix Posts: 3
    I just seen something in Line in my current alliance and I just didn’t like it.
  • ER3CKER3CK Posts: 12
    Well my groups is mixed I believe but I’m black n I’m pretty chill... what happened on ur LINE?
  • ER3CKER3CK Posts: 12

  • Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 151
    Hey man I got a spot for you if you're okay with map 7. LINE captdeadp00l
  • Hey mate I DM'd you
  • trindels23trindels23 Posts: 59
    King, whats your Line ID?
    Or just hit me up on there. trindels23
  • KingRemixKingRemix Posts: 3
    ER3CK said:

    Well my groups is mixed I believe but I’m black n I’m pretty chill... what happened on ur LINE?

    Hey I’m at work my in game name is DonRicardo. The leader of my alliance posted a pic of his AR which is fine but he has a Confederate Flag in the background

  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 2,028 ★★★★★
    Hey man. Hit me on mine.

    Panchulon21 mixed group here.
  • WebbaheadWebbahead Posts: 20
    King I understand your feelings, but I also urge you talk with him. This gives you an opportunity to maybe get him to understand something from a different point of view. Just have the conversation that’s how we make a better world
  • gindfgindf Posts: 74
    edited March 16

    How are you?
    Still looking for a new alliance?

    We are the Milano TMLNO, a chill international alliance doing map543 and 1bg war (optional and only in season).

    We have growing accounts and vets sharing wisdom, from America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

    If you're interested or want more information, find me on Line: gindf. (with the dot) or in game: gindf (without).

    Check us out!

  • Quis414Quis414 Posts: 44
    What’s up king... what map u looking for? As far as my ally u can be Black white yellow orange ... idc if u are purple with red stripes as long as u can finish your path u ok in my book . HMU if u can run map 6/7 epic mods
  • nilaebrannilaebran Posts: 85
    Lol we just let a couple kkk guys go, we run full map6 and gold1 in wars, no stress unless needed.. Add me in game
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