How will we be compensated this time??!!

First I can't login since 3am last night because I have an Android. Im est so missed out on aw and used potions and boosts for the moves i did get to make. Since we faced an almost 9m ally and we are barely over 7m. Now aq problems. We started aq so that cost for map5. A few members got to login. The rest can't. Please do something about these problems Everytime yall have an update. And by the way my Elektra doesn't seem to bleed since she supposed to got fixed. My name on game is 937LadyK22 and im in LRAZA alliance. Please respond back or email me please.


  • 937Ladyk22937Ladyk22 Posts: 16
    And a few of my alliance members also said they are affected going for champs in arenas. I only reach rank and stop but many of them get the champs every week
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