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Jabari Panther Counters

TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 5,342 ★★★★★
Anyone got a good Jabari Panther counter? I can’t find anyone who works well with her abilities, and I just had to rank her down with my highest damage champ


  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 7,981 ★★★★★
    Etm34 said:

    Guilly 2099 ramped up shreds as always. Only ran it once so that’s all I got so far. Does Ghost not work? I haven’t read her abilities at all

    Built-in miss counter
  • PulyamanPulyaman Posts: 2,365 ★★★★★
    Mutants seem to work best. Anyone that can gain prowess will limit her potential. Not many champs can constantly gain prowess though. Emma frost seems a good counter from what I read in her abilities. Havok can gain them consistently over the fight. Storm Pyramid x, Magneto as always is good, both of them.
  • TrashyPandaTrashyPanda Posts: 1,574 ★★★★★
    Given the Realm connection, Pyramid is probably supposed to be her hard-counter. Doesn't mean she's the the best, though. OP champs still OP.
  • AleorAleor Posts: 3,003 ★★★★★
    Why do you need any counter? I did most of the fight with bwcv, but got dex fail on sp1. Finished her with hood. Sp2 is super easy, sp1 is like odin's sp2 basically. I guess any champ who doesn't need debuffs will work
  • StoNerdStoNerd Posts: 178
    If you have white mags at any rarity, his prefight makes the fight a breeze.
    I also found Profx is great against her even without prefight.
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,189 ★★★★★
    Can CMM with 24 energy charges works?
  • StoNerdStoNerd Posts: 178

    Can CMM with 24 energy charges works?

    She can work with Nick synergy. But without nick and white mags, its hard to maintain energy charges. She will be good as long as she is in binary mode.
  • PastorAmericaPastorAmerica Posts: 456 ★★★
    Apoc worked for me. Used white mags prefight and took her down with 1% health remaining!
  • Spurgeon14Spurgeon14 Posts: 1,665 ★★★★

    Using White Magneto's prefight with a #Hero or #Metal makes the fight soloble even with a 4 star (in my case I went with 4 star Torch for the solo)


    Great job! 😊
  • NumanNuman Posts: 276 ★★
    Any champ works try side steping followed by light
  • PtkVascoPtkVasco Posts: 159
    CMM with 25 energy works here
  • Batwing2000Batwing2000 Posts: 64
    Just Doom it!
  • BombyoBombyo Posts: 6
    I used Guardian (with magneto pre-fight). He took her out everytime, sp3->sp3->Sp2
  • JragonMaster170JragonMaster170 Posts: 2,043 ★★★★★
    I used Wolvo and Doom. Just push her to her SP2, intercept, and try not to parry
  • MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 1,933 ★★★★
    I used magik as a first try and took 40%, Morningstar with 5 souls monstered her after could have got the solo easily if I'd used her first.

    50% perfect block wins.
  • hermherm Posts: 414 ★★
    Wait ok so I'm confused. When dex fails, does it mean you just don't get the precision or the dex mastery is deactivated? Cuz from what I've seen, it looks like the former is the case as opposed to the latter
  • MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 1,933 ★★★★
    Just did the second path and white mags himself just took her down. Admittedly he's 3/45 6*....
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