Rank up advice

Just formed my second t5c... Do I rank up one of my 5 star champs now or wait to rank up my 6 star Warlock or Stealth Spidey?


  • Doovid12Doovid12 Posts: 77
    Def wait to be able to R3 them, especially since you have the T5CC and want to bring them up.
  • JJ2233JJ2233 Posts: 6
    I'm a VERY long way off having the T5CC to take to rank 3. Just wondering if I'm better of waiting to rank 2 a 6 star or to rank 5 one of my 5 stars instead. Currently exploring chapter 5 before I take on chapter 6 to become cavalier.
  • Doovid12Doovid12 Posts: 77
    OH you formed a T5B. That makes a lot more sense. I'd R5 a 5* rather than R2 a 6* where you're at currently.
  • JJ2233JJ2233 Posts: 6
    Any thoughts on who to rank up? Who did you find most valuable when becoming cavalier?
  • RenaxqqRenaxqq Posts: 775 ★★★
    I would rank up Venom. He helped me to complete variant 5 and variant 6. Actually he is pretty good for a lot of content.
  • Gr8SlamGr8Slam Posts: 4
    Moving forward you will definitely benefit from 6*-R2 Warlock but you will also need a strong 5*-R5 roster as well. If you know how to Quake & Bake then she can get you through tons of content. Venom is a solid choice but looks like you still have him at R3 so not sure if you have resources to R5 him yet? If you know how to use Magneto fully he is also a beast & you have him at R4.
  • JPeanutsJPeanuts Posts: 40
    I R5’d Warlock for my Cav run and he was MVP. I’d max him out
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