Help me decide.

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No more 6*s I currently want to invest in (come on good cosmic champ to make my 2nd R3)

So I have 10 t5b currently and I'm preparing for my next rank up once I get more t5b/t2a in overflow (just took 6* sorcerer supreme to R2 to get rid of t5b in overflow)

Now I know capiw is probably gonna be a clear winner seeing as I can take him to Sig 200 but I have a stupidly overcrowded science roster as is (6* R3 human torch not pictured), and same goes for skill... Overcrowded with good champs..
Mutant I'm lacking
And same goes for tech... Although g2099 kills things so quick already in cav eq at R4 it's not even funny...

These are my only options I'd consider for now help me decide.

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    Archangel. I took mine to rank 5 a month or so ago and he benefits so much from the rank up. He is just a monster and is one of my starters for any path. Plus he is so fun to play.
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    Archangel... I slept on him for years and finally took him to rank 5 a couple months ago and he is so satisfying
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    Rank up that AA and put sigs into him until he’s at 112.

    Caiw is still a good rank up even though you have a good science roster because he has specific utility others don’t, but I still suggest going for AA first.
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    Had a bunch of t5b waiting to be used... Still have 8 left but no t2a... I have gone through 40+ crystals (5/6*) in the past month with literally nothing but trash so thought I'd make use of my cats and Sig stones, I can take cap to 200 but only have +5s left so would end up wasting some.

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