Is Immortal Abominaton worth ranking up for Act 5 and 6?

I just pulled him today and was wondering to rank him up. Is he useful? Also if yes tell me the best rotation to get maximum damage output. Thank You :smiley:


  • CosmicGuardianCosmicGuardian Posts: 191 ★★
    Mine has come in handy quite a bit, can’t remember any exact scenarios though. I find him quite enjoyable to play, and if you run willpower he’ll get some healing throughout the fight which can be nice too. The best rotation for me is to build your power bar to just below 3 bars and fire off the sp2 to get his aura, then build up to and use the sp1 to get some poisons to fuel the aura. From there it really depends on personal preference. You can keep spamming sp1s so you don’t run out of poisons, or if you feel you have enough poisons to do so, you can try to fire off another sp2 to get another aura stack.
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