Is this the way MCOC is supposed to work?

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Today and for more than a week now, gameplay is horrible in all game areas...

Lost 3 champs in the middle of my Line in AW, lost 1 champ on 1st fight in AQ.

Doing some tests in other game areas and this is what happens when trying to fight an easy opponent in A5C3Q6...

Lag at the very first second of the fight. Random lags during the fight causing missed parries. Lags causing opponent hitting you when you can't even see him moving... And that's only the beginning of the list.

How are we supposed to have fun playing this game that way?

Hardware : Sony Xperia Z3
OS : Android 6.0.1

Tested with an iPhone 6S, iOS 11... same thing.

Tested with an OPO 5... same thing.

Tested with galaxy S8... same thing.

Could we have a real answer and a real support on this from Kabam?


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    And for those who could think it's a "lack-of-skill problem"...haiw7yd1c70g.png

    That was a week ago
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    I lost r4 bp to hulk in war due to champ stopped responding. Even trying to hit pause wouldn't work. Your video is normal game play everyday. I'm on the cusp of leaving game forever. You can only say it will be fixed next update for so long. I love using champs like bp if rocket you know the glass cannons. I had to swap to wol and ultron just so I can survive lag. Absolutely nonsense to have to cater your team and mastery to lag.
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    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious Someone to answer this?
  • The lag you mention at the very start of the fight consistently occurs. They have got to fix this as it happens at the exact time you need to block to get a parry. The lag means the parry is missed and you take block damage, or the block is ignored all together and you eat a combo.
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    its no use tbh mentioned this tons of times no answer....if you were someone from the top 50 alliances or someone from the whale category you would get an answer.
    my advice is keep your head down and just play as it is or quit
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    I had the same issue. My R5/50 Sig 50 4* SW versus R3/30 unduped 4* Sym Spider.
    Game lagged, I managed to parry. But then Sw froze for about 3 seconds. Yet, my opponent could still move. 5 hits later she was dead.
    So, I revived her and used 1 of the new AW health recovery boosts. Almost identical issue happened.
    The even weirder thing is, first fight I know his attack rating was like 900+ before my class bonus. After the second fight I noticed his attack rating was over 3000+!?!?!? I was fighting tile 3 I believe, so there is no attack boost.
    So.... WTAF?!

    I've run all sorts of scans/procedures to check for any & every problem with my device & Wi-Fi possible. My phone & connection are fine.
    Mcoc is the only game it happens with. And I play games that require higher frame rates, speeds, memory, etc. Oh and chat keeps blocking almost everything I say even though I'm not cursing.
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    You guys don't understand. It's not about quality or game performance. Content brings the $$ and if 1/4 have lag issues why would they care if $ rolling in still
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    How about no playing AQ ?
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    I got hit with an L2 by witch in map 6 that I evaded. I didn't even fall down. I evade, dexterity proc'd, I didn't fall down but lost a 90% of my health like it hit me. Degen finished off the rest. Not to mention heavy attacks triggering during a combo, dashing forward instead of back, punching instead of dashing back, opponents intercepting like ninjas, parry not working. It's a yakov sminoff opening for the spin doctors at the Iowa state fair kinda poop show.
  • Thank you for reporting this. This could be a variety of different things, from performance issues based on the devices (not the devices fault, but performance on that device) to memory problems. It could also be user related, since it does seem to be consistent across many different devices.

    So, the answer is no. If there is a problem, then the game is not meant to work that way. We're constantly working on improving the performance of the game across all different devices, but this is a long term thing, and we don't have any control over the settings that players have set on their own devices that we also need to compensate for.

    Rest assured, we will continue to work on making improvements to the stability and performance of the game.
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    It's going to be hard to get them to respond. I'm guessing they we're told not to respond to bug questions like at comic con NY. Very sad to see them operating like this

    That didn't happen. Nobody at NY Comic Con was told that they are not allowed to discuss bugs. Please don't believe everything you read online.
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