Summoner Sit-Down: Agent_X_zzz

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Hello everyone and welcome to the summoner sit down! This time I’m joined by @Agent_X_zzz, who I’d like to thank for answering these questions, without further ado, here a we go!

Favorite champion?

My favorite champion is Quake, she destroys so much content, its always funny to see the defender attempt to hit you but instead they get evaded, a personal favorite to fight is OG Spidey, him evading all these years I finally can get him back.

Worst class?

Worst class award has to go to tech, skill has been getting quite a few nice buffs recently (mole man, falcon kingpin) and tech is quite lagging behind. For 6*s It is a toss up between Cosmic and Tech, but I am going to lean towards cosmic being the weakest for 6*s

AW or AQ?

AW for sure, AQ to me is very monotonous, AW gives a challenge.

Best animations?

Tough one, I really like professor X, bwdo and airwalkers animations the most.

How’s your day going?

I have had a pretty good day, its 4:48 over here in the west coast so the day has gone by pretty fast, and I am slightly tired.

How much content have you completed?

I have done everything, waiting for a new challenge.

What’s your roster look like?

What got you into MCOC?

I have always been a big fan of Marvel throughout my years, eventually I decided to look for a marvel game (June 2017) and I debated between Future Fight and MCOC, I decided to choose MCOC because it looked more interesting to me.

What’s your most controversial MCOC opinion?

Tigra is one of the best champions in the game, but she requires a lot of skill to master.

Why is that opinion that way?

One of my friends @Fintech got me hooked on her and has shown some great gameplay on her, I was very amazed at what she could do.

Name a champion you want to see in game, and explain why.

I want to see Molecule Man in MCOC, I have been a fan of him for quite some time now, I like reality warping champs, and think kabam could add some kind of interesting ability to do with that.

What changes do you want to see to MCOC?

I want to see 3 main things, more endgame content which kabam confirmed they will be delivering which is nice.. so endgame players will be more challenged and have fun. I would also like to see a training mode where u can teleport to any fight u have explored and test champs and interactions. I would also like them to remove mastery switching costs, its very annoying and unnecessary.

What makes content in MCOC fun?

To me strategizing and challenge makes content fun, while I do enjoy a cheese here and there, strategy is the most important to me, its fun to spend time thinking and planning about the content I am going to tackle, and who is the best options to bring it.

You can put one thing in MCOC. What is it?

I would like to implement a training mode, as I stated above allowing me to teleport to any fight I have done and practice it.

Name one champion that you feel is underrated by the community.

Loki, he is great in the right situation, if there is any buff heavy match he will be a beast for it. I have solod 6.2.6 Champion and 7.1.6 Gwenperion with him. Also if there is regen in the fight such as arc overload or vigor, he can basically be immortal in the fight.

If you could go through any Act again for the first time, which one would you go through and why?

Act 6, it had the challenge and the fun to me, I enjoyed planning my way through content, and act 6 truly made me good at this game. The difficulty and challenge it set made me determined to beat it, which I fully explored pre nerf.

What do you hope to accomplish in the following year?

I would like to do a legends run, get some good cosmics so I can finally use my cosmic t5ccs. I would also like to pull a Tigra so I can finally use her in act 6+

Write a couple paragraphs explaining the utility and usability of the character you know the best.

Well I know about quite a few champs, but lets go with Shehulk since I have been using her a lot recently.
First off she does not need her dupe at all but it is nice. When duped she gains a few effects except when fighting the skill class. Against Mutant the defender suffers ability accuracy (55% max) During special attacks. Against Cosmic she gains increased attack rating per each buff the defender has. Against science she has a (max 70%) chance to purify debuffs on her when striking the defender. This makes her a very viable void counter. Against Tech, their armor ups suffer -60% potency and duration. Against mystic Shehulk gains increased attack rating, and the defender gains 25% less power.

Shehulk is immune to all poison effects. She has an in built taunt which makes the defender have a +15% chance to throw their special attacks per fury she has, so the ability to control the ai is a massive benefit. These furies grant +1139 atk for 8 seconds, which is increased by the size of the defender. These furies are also refreshed when the defender uses a special attack (Non Skill Champs) There are 3 ways to gain furies. 1) when attacking or when attacked she has an 11% chance to gain a fury... 2) her sp1 gives her a fury. 3) Nullifying unstoppable buffs gives her a fury. Be aware that her furies are passive no they cannot be nullified.

Shehulk's heavy attack places a slow debuff on the defender reducing evade and unstoppable ability accuracy by -100% for 12 seconds. This effect will not apply to class advantage. Additionally if the defender is under any unstoppable effect, Shehulk's heavy attack gains an invisible unstoppable which nullifies the unstoppable on the defender.

Shehulk's Sp1 while granting a fury also has a 75% chance (per hit) to place an exhaustion debuff reducing critical damage rating, and power gain by 25% per exhaust. Her sp2 places a petrify for 12 seconds reducing power gain and regeneration by 115% (15% reversal) And finally her sp3 Stuns the defender for 3.5 seconds, and places a weakness reducing attack by 65% for 14 seconds.

Shehulk is a beast of a champ who I reccomend you rank up, but she requires skill such as spacing, heavy countering, and stand up intercepts to fully master her.

What got you into Quake?

I pulled her one day, and had seen some cool stuff out there of her, so one day I decided to practice her in a great LINE room, and I ended up becoming one of the best quake players out there. (we love humble summoners)

What is you favorite fight with Quake that you’ve done across all of your videos?

My favorite recorded fight is 3* Quake vs Wolverine Weapon X, which I did over a year ago now, but my favorite fight I have done is probably Abyss Thing.

Best part of quaking?

Being able to cheese content.

How long has it taken you to master Quake?

It took me a couple of months to master her, enjoyed her ever since.

Any tips for someone looking to start their journey into learning Quake?

Use my guide I made, It will help you out. Don't give up and just keep practicing, bring her everywhere, start off in ROL WS, then move to LOL Rulk, and finally RTTL debuff immune rhino.

Any socials you’d like to plug?

This is my YT
and as always thank you Spidey for featuring me.

Once again, big thanks to @Agent_X_zzz for showing up on today’s sit down! Don’t forget to come back next time, I’m sure you’ll be there in a flash.

Catch ya on the flip side,


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