All masteries not working, incursions, AQ, quest...

All masteries are gone.


  • ShatasShatas Posts: 2
    No masteries in dungeons, When it will be fixed can't play game like that. Looks like dungeons haks doesn't work too. At first fight it was working and just after some time it stopped
  • When is the masteries bug getting fixed??? Game is literally unplayable and I need to clear my path in alliance quest but it’s going to cost me items if I can’t parry and use dexterity. They stopped working halfway they an incursion in zone 6 and I was forced to quit
  • kidaninekidanine Posts: 6
    It seems like running incursions is the trigger that causes this issue. A temp solution is to recover all masteries and set them up again. This is temp coz it can happen again and also it'll cost a hundred or so units to reset.
  • Please refer to the existing thread on this matter. This is a known issue, and our team is working on it. We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.

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