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Classic Spiderman Rework Idea

Valhallaknight313Valhallaknight313 Posts: 9
edited May 2021 in Suggestions and Requests
random thought on a good OG spider man buff:

Spider Sense: spiderman has a 100% chance to evade all incoming attacks. This percentage decreases by 1% for ever hit on the combo counter. Launching a lvl1 special reduces combo meter by 10. Launching a special 2 has 1000 percent critical damage increase, 100% chance of being a critical hit as well as adds 15 hits to combo meter. Special 3 add adds a 20 second slow debuff and resets combo meter to 0.

Heavy attacks apply a 12 second slow debuff

Signature abitlity He pulls His Punches: As the fight goes on Spiderman pulls his punches less and less. increasing his his attack by. 4% for every hit on combo meter with a Max combo of 50.
Spiderman also has a 1% chance to armor break opponent for 5 seconds reducing armor by 800. armor break chances increases by 1% for hit on combo meter. Does not stack


  • mmmpunchmmmpunch Posts: 102

    Take random evade chance sig ability and only apply it when players are dashing back. Spider sense triggers when Spider-man is in danger, if you're already trying to dex an attack, this just helps you instead of Spider-man randomly evading one punch of a combo and dying to the rest

    Spider-man should have a special stun called "Webbed" with a webbing effect around the opponent caused by special 1 and special 3 that can't be stacked or refreshed.

    Web swing into the fight,New basic attack animations, could reused champions like Ghost and Spider-Gwen, get rid of that old 2014 hard hit, and give him the Spider Sting from Marvel Vs Capcom, reuse Stark enhanced Spideys back dash and Spice up that special 3, could be a lot better. Victory pose is the same as Black Widow Deadly Origins with that iconic Superhero Landing.

    "Webbed" opponents should be stunned depending on the size of the champion. The bigger the champion, the less the stun time.

    Special 1s punches should do armor break, hard hit should refresh armor breaks and apply taunt using up 10 combo meter

    Special 2 should take those armor breaks and consume them to do direct damage. Also special 2 should reach across the entire screen like it does when the A.I. is using Spidey

    Special 3 should refresh any armor breaks as well as do slow and concussion

    This way, Classic Spider-man...the face of marvel, has amazing animations, has reliable damage and doesn't randomly evade to get you killed

    Will not evade if not dashing back
    Isn't immune to anything

    Hits like a truck because of armor breaks
    Will not evade if not dashing back
    Power control with taunts

    It really sucks that no one cares about the OG Spidey, everyone wants a miles buff and he was already announced to have one.Yet Classic and Symbiote Spider-man are still waiting

    (Going to repost this)
  • RicitonRiciton Posts: 88
    Classic spidey just needs storm x and hit-monkey synergy then he is really good. Strom x improves his evade and applies a 2 second stun while hit monkey gives him a flat 92% chance his specials go critical, paired with his natural 8% means his special attacks are guaranteed critical. Also with hit-monkey, spiderman will not evade if you block.
  • Loki_Poki1280Loki_Poki1280 Posts: 238 ★★
    @mmmpunch , I don't really agree with your Buff Idea, but it is really Creative. But What I Do agree with You to the moment it happens, is that the Peter Parker Spider-Men need some love too. Man, I've been waiting for them to be buffed. I was actually happy when I got a 6 Star Spider-Man Classic and Ranked him up to rank 2. Might of been a bad choice but IDC, love him anyway. He has a really good Critical Rating off his stats. Symbiote Spider-Man, if he were to be buffed, I would think that It would be the opposite of Spider-Man Classic, no Crits but big fury damage.
    I made Buff Ideas for Spider-Man Classic, Miles Morales, and Symbiote Spider-Man if you wanna see it.
  • Loki_Poki1280Loki_Poki1280 Posts: 238 ★★
    @Valhallaknight313 , You Spider-Man Classic Buff Is much appreciated, I love seeing what Yall think about it as well, however, I must say, his evade mechanic directly effects his damage output. His utility is quite Low as well. If I must add, to keep the nature of your Buff Idea, I would do the following:
    • Have his Evade not Occur through His Block in some way, whether it be through Sig Ability or Synergy
    • His Evade Chance could probably be Counted in another way other than Combo, say charges of some sort. Ex: Whenever he would land a hit, a Charge Would be gained, Each charge decreases his 100% Evade chance by say 3%. These Charges can be reduced through activating Special Attacks.
    • His Signature Ability could be Just as you have it above, it is fine as is.
    • Finally, his Utility. Utility is determine what we can use Champions for in certain Fights. I am not an expert in Utility but maybe something to give him a safety net? Or Giving a sure way to give his slow debuff without having to do a Heavy? I am not so sure in this area.
    Overall, Good Start! You could have done a little more elaboration but It really is a good start and creative Spider-Man Classic Buff Idea! Keep Up the Good Work Mate!
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